Digital Trends: Why Media and Entertainment Firms Are Thinking Like Technology Companies

Highlander, Thunderdome, Co-Pilot, Pagebuilder, Presto, Scoop, and Chorus. These are just some of the code names of custom solutions that major media and entertainment firms are leveraging to help them reach, grow, engage, and monetize their audiences. But why are these companies investing in custom technology?

In this webinar, Chuck Fishman, Director of Media, Entertainment & Publishing, will detail the business drivers and the trends in digital media consumption that are pushing media companies to think more like technology companies. He will review the platform and strategy decisions that giants like New York Times, Hearst, Conde Nast, Gannett, and many others have made to address trends like the growth of socially connected newsrooms, the rise of multi-channel video networks, and the demand for mobile-driven experiences.

Sign up to learn more about these decisions and other important considerations for media and entertainment sites, including:

  • How much the media and entertainment industry really drives in overall web traffic
  • Why new media startups like Wattpad and Playbuzz are posing a mobile threat
  • Which companies have changed platforms due to aging technology
  • Why integration for analytics, single sign-on, commenting, audio/video, email, SEO, and social is key
  • How to leverage new technology frameworks to create beautiful user experiences