Creating Solid Search Experiences with Drupal

Creating Solid Search Experiences with Drupal

While eCommerce sites have become search conversion centers of excellence, non-transactional sites have struggled to create superior search experiences.

For Drupalists, understanding how to navigate the landscape of search modules and what fits your site best can be daunting. Once you've selected a module, choosing which functionality to implement and how adds further complexity. This webinar will focus on strategies and best practices on building a superior search experience and walk though the modules and configurations that are required to achieve it.

Although the tools and techniques can be leveraged by any Drupal site that is integrated with the Apache Solr search engine, the demonstrations in this webinar will be conducted on Acquia Search. Acquia Search allows you to leverage the full power of Solr without any expertise required.

A few highlights for best practice implementation include:

  • Faceted navigation
  • Implementing rich search result snippets
  • Relevancy tuning