Close the CX Gap: Why Brands Still Have Work to Do to Engage Consumers

Brands are investing heavily in delivering great customer experiences. But nearly half of consumers say companies are falling short of their expectations. Why the disconnect? An exclusive survey of 5,000 global consumers and 500 marketers from Acquia identifies the CX gap and its implications for marketers that need to better leverage technology to meet customer needs.

Get an overview of the report findings and insights into what can be done to close the experience gap from Acquia CMO Lynne Capozzi and analyst Regina Corso.

You’ll find out:

  • What challenges marketers face in meeting consumer CX needs
  • How brands can adapt to change and exceed customer expectations
  • What it takes to earn – and maintain – customer loyalty


Lynne Capozzi, CMO, Acquia
Lynne Capozzi, CMO, Acquia
Regina Corso, President & Founder, Regina Corso Consulting
Regina Corso, President & Founder, Regina Corso Consulting

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019 EDT


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