Acquia Engage 2014: Digital is Transforming Business Forever. Are You Ready?

Unfortunately, the live event for this webinar has passed.
No need to worry! We always post the recorded webinar and slides within 24 hours of the event. Check back soon!

In today’s digital economy, organizations are faced with a powerful choice: evolve or die.

Faced with this choice, businesses are learning how to be the disrupters. They must transform in order to reinvent their approach to business, capture new market share, and best the competition.

The playing field has changed dramatically and is about to change again. With the advent of the Internet of Things, wearable technology and virtual reality, strategy is changing by the minute. And something even bigger is about to happen next -- an even more powerful wave of change is about to materialize, making the challenge so much greater.

Join us as Acquia CMO, Tom Wentworth, provides insight into the challenges and opportunities presented by digital disruption. Tom, the Acquia team, and many of our industry leading customers who are transforming business, will be expanding on this theme at Acquia Engage, November 3 - 5 in Boston. But first, sign up for the webinar to catch a glimpse of Acquia Engage and learn why becoming digital first is a make-or-break move for enterprises.

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