Accessibility Myths Debunked: Why Smart Organizations Know it's Not Optional

Christina Dulude - Technical Account Manager, Acquia
Everett Zufelt - Associate Director of Technology, Marketing & Commerce Solutions,Myplanet

Web accessibility - the practice of ensuring that websites and applications are available to all users, regardless of ability - isn’t a new topic. However, even today, few web developers and product owners fully understand the nuances of accessibility and universal design. Some believe all it takes is a few quick tweaks to make a site fully accessible, while others propose costly site overhauls to avoid litigation and negative press. Misunderstandings of accessibility can confuse digital teams, delaying simple but effective wins that enhance experiences for all users and increase conversions.

Improving the accessibility of your digital properties starts with debunking misconceptions. Once you understand what accessibility is and who it helps (everyone!), you’ll be able to create an iterable plan to progress your digital presence. In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Tips to improve the accessibility of your digital properties today
  • Planning for accessibility from the start of a web project
  • Questions to ask when hiring a development partner
  • Why accessibility matters: humanity, user experience, conversions, litigation, and SEO
  • Who accessibility helps, including personas to bring these characters to life