5 Steps to Delivering Many Sites, Lowering Costs and Improving Site Governance

Jeff Reed, Engagement Manager, Acquia
David Butler, Platform Executive, Acquia

In today’s world, digital technology executives and their IT teams are facing expanding applications and demand for managing digital experiences, driven by business initiatives such as digital marketing campaigns, global branding, and commerce deployments. In addition to executing ever-growing site delivery requests, IT teams are pressed to accommodate internal requirements for content flexibility, cost efficiency and continuous multi-site performance - often causing conflicting obligations.

To meet expectations, for both quantity of sites delivered and quality of service, today’s teams must re-evaluate their approach to site management and governance, and transition to a new level of trusted digital site service providers. In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How to architect a path from current to future digital platform teams
  • Ways to implement governance that brings order to website chaos
  • Methods for expediting website development and delivery by using a digital site platform
  • How to organize IT groups that can serve as a multisite delivery service provider
  • Next steps to evaluate and sell your site-delivery service to internal stakeholders