Headless, Hybrid, and Beyond: Demystifying the New Wave of Web Development Technology

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • Learn the core considerations for investing in a CMS
  • See how organizations define key metrics around speed and agility for content creation and customer engagement 
  • Find a balance between content authoring and delivery across an organization
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The COVID-19 pandemic exposed organizations operating in technological antiquity. They started scrambling to modernize to attract and retain customers in an increasingly digital-first environment. Content creation and management technology jumped from a nice idea to essential all but overnight.

Content creators want something fast enough to produce content quickly, while web developers and designers want something with enough power to tweak digital experiences at a technical level. With marketers and IT working congruently, they’re learning that a digital experience technology stack pairs the best of both worlds.

Headless and hybrid content management systems (CMS) are being combined with front-end development tools to create multi-channel digital experiences at scale. But, each solution has to match differing needs of creators, editors, developers, IT, and every other content development touchpoint.