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SF Bay Area Drupal Camp 09

We are pleased to announce Drupal camp San Francisco (a.k.a BADCamp). This will be a single Saturday event at the SFSU downtown campus at 5th and Market. The event will be hosted by the Information Management Systems Association, iMSA, http://imsa.sfsu.edu.

The event will include an all day Introduction to Drupal tutorial for 120 people. This event is primarily addressing new Drupal users and registration will be specific to this tutorial. Please encourage new users to register for this event. We will have a room dedicated to Drupal.org redesign sprinters and Drupal core test writers which holds 30 people. We will have two and a half rooms for sessions with a capacity of 44 people in 1 and a half rooms. And a room with a capacity for 60 people.

Saturday, June 6, 2009
San Francisco, CA