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OSBC: Open Source Business Conference

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 (All day) to Wednesday, March 25, 2009 (All day)
San Francisco, CA

OSBC: Open Source Business Conference

Open Sourcing the Enterprise:
Strategies to Boost Innovation and Cut Costs with Open-Source Participation


Open source has become an integral part of the software world, whether software developed for sale by vendors like Red Hat and Oracle or software developed for use by enterprises like E*Trade and Disney. The best, however, has yet to come.

To get the most from open-source communities, including significant boosts in innovation and cuts in IT spending, we need to discover new ways to grow them, make them self-sustaining, and profitable.

OSBC 2009 will tackle the biggest issue in open source today: Open Sourcing the Enterprise.

How do we make it safe and comfortable for enterprise IT buyers - which develop most of the world's software - to contribute back into the open-source code community, and save money in the process? How do we evolve open-source business models to ensure vendors get paid without resorting to the same lock-in tactics that the proprietary world has used? And how do we hedge against patent trolls and other parasites on the open-source community?

Please join use in San Francisco for the sixth year of OSBC. Over the course of two days, keynotes from the best and brightest IT minds--spanning the open source big guns to mission-critical enterprise IT operations-- will preview the future of open source by revealing how it is already being used by the industry's top enterprises and vendors to push the envelope on innovation while coming in under budget. Plus, our staple sessions will help open-source projects discover customer-friendly business strategies and enable legal professionals to assist in their clients' adoption of open source.