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Magento’s Imagine Commerce 2015 Conference

Thanks for visiting us at the Magento’s Imagine Commerce 2015 Conference! We enjoyed meeting with many industry thought leaders, innovative retailers, and prospective new clients.

Magento offers a powerful commerce platform for brands seeking to excel in their retail space. The Acquia Commerce Platform, a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leading CMS, unifies your organization’s existing technology systems with the Magento platform to create beautiful content and commerce experiences. By layering the Acquia Commerce Platform with Magento commerce technology, brands can build integrated, dynamic commerce sites that attract and convert.

In addition to our leading CMS, The Acquia Platform offers tools for creating an immersive, innovative digital experience. The testing, targeting, and optimization tools for commerce are built with an open source back end that allows organizations to unify their business and technical teams to create one unified commerce engine. We’ll help your business transform the way things work to meet the ever changing needs of the digital world, and to create and deliver unparalleled digital experiences to your customers.

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Monday, April 20, 2015 to Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Las Vegas, Nevada