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Gilbane Boston 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008 (All day) to Thursday, December 4, 2008 (All day)
Boston MA

Gilbane Boston 2008

Acquia CEO Jay Batson and Vice President of Marketing Jeff Whatcott will both be speaking on panels at the Gilbane Boston 2008 Conference.

Where Content Management Meets Social Media

Content management is more important than ever. But even as organizations are working to get their hands around rapidly growing and increasingly diverse collections of content, new web technologies are providing opportunities to create, manage, share, and deliver richer content more easily, sometimes cheaper, and often quicker.

This does not (usually) mean you need to "rip and replace" your existing systems - "content management" is not simply an application, but a strategy that employs a wide range of tools and practices that complement each other. The challenge is to figure out what works and what doesn't, and what works together. What are the successful combinations of web content management, enterprise search, text analytics, social computing, infrastructure, etc. This year we'll focus on helping you move beyond the mainstream content technologies you may be used to, to enhanced "2.0" versions.

Jay Batson's panel - Are We Approaching the Tipping Point for Social Media?
With the growth of social media in the enterprise - blogging for business, project wikis, social networking, podcasting, microformats, and other ways for managing user-generated content - we’re awash with new opportunities for ad hoc information sharing. But what is it going to take for companies to adopt these more flexible modes for working smarter? Are we tipping towards a socially-aware environment? How do we manage the risks of becoming too social for our business goals and objectives? Join us for a conversation with technology innovators who are developing these next-generation environments, and learn what’s going to work... and why.
Jeff Whatcott's panel - Integrating Social Media with Content Management
Your customers, employees, and partners are talking. Are you listening? In this session, we will analyze the benefits and challenges of building online communities with social media tools such as blogs, wikis, user commenting, tagging, customer forums, etc. Our discussion will approach the topic from three very different perspectives. First we will hear the experiences of a software developer for NASA responsible for integrating social media components on a largescale website. Next we will hear from a Developer of several CMS based social networking sites including TheNest, the first and only multimedia resource for newlyweds covering all aspects of young married life. Finally, we will learn how one value-added software products and services provider enhances the value of open-source publishing systems through integrating social media throughout the information lifecycle.