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Marketing is in the midst of a fundamental change. Generic websites with static content once constituted an efficient marketing strategy; today’s teams, however, are building personalized experiences accessible through multiple channels and devices. The logic: a journey tailored to each user improves engagement, converts more leads and accelerates revenue generation.

The latest iteration of Acquia Lift unifies content and customer context into one platform. With Lift, organizations can deliver personalized content across the buyer's journey, at scale.

The problem of accurately previewing changes to site content, especially in the context of other content (whether new or existing) has been a daunting challenge for years.

First addressed by the Site Preview System (SPS) as part of the Large Scale Drupal initiative, and more recently as the Content Preview System (CPS), the problem still exists. Using a new suite of both new and existing contributed modules, and leveraging the work being done as part of the core Workflow Initiative, the Workspace Preview System (WPS) is the third - and we hope definitive - solution to this space.

Web accessibility - the practice of ensuring that websites and applications are available to all users, regardless of ability - isn’t a new topic. However, even today, few web developers and product owners fully understand the nuances of accessibility and universal design. Some believe all it takes is a few quick tweaks to make a site fully accessible, while others propose costly site overhauls to avoid litigation and negative press.

Lightning is an open source starter kit and framework that helps developers tap into the richness of key D8 functionality, and build sites and experiences faster. At DrupalCon the team presented a session where we built an authoring experience live. This was the result of months of planning and practice. In this webinar, we will deconstruct each step in the build.

Digital is changing the way that organizations need to interact and engage with their prospects and customers. Most organizations determine the effectiveness of their digital efforts based on conversions - but what happens after that conversion? According to a recent SiriusDecisions report, 80% of B2B marketers indicate that they will be using digital advertising in 2017, but less than 50% are measuring ‘beyond the click’.

This just in: Al Jazeera Media Network, a leading provider in news and media broadcasting, is investing in its future by building a global, multi-lingual, unified CMS platform to streamline the creation and personalized delivery of news with Drupal 8.

Al Jazeera’s digital partner, Phase2, leveraged Lighting to accelerate development on the Drupal 8 enterprise platform.

Blogs, course content, research updates, and Spiders on Drugs. Wait ... what?! Faculty, staff, and student organizations at Trinity University had spent about a decade developing creative content and individual web sites on the trinity.edu domain. Unfortunately, their creativity was published online without any oversight or review process, and without a content management system to store or organize data.

Large scale Drupal projects are a special breed of Drupal project typically found with large enterprise customers. They involve managing multiple initiatives, partners, stakeholders and product owners. When development is performed by round-the-clock, globally distributed teams, project management complexity compounds. It’s critical that everyone understands the part they need to play. When executing projects with this scale, it can become challenging to maintain efficient agile workflows.