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Do It With Drupal

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 (All day) to Friday, December 12, 2008 (All day)
New Orleans, LA

Do It With Drupal

Build Websites With Drupal!

Study the techniques and technologies for building successful websites and online communities at the Do It With Drupal Seminar.

For three days in scenic New Orleans, attendees wil learn from some of this powerful free software's top developers, hear from community-building experts, examine successful Drupal sites, and meet other web professionals, developers, designers, and decision makers interested in expanding their Drupal knowledge.

This large-scale, 3-day learning event will take place December 10-12, 2008 at the New Orleans Marriott Hotel, located at the edge of the city's historic French Quarter. Attend sessions on the nuts-and-bolts of architecting and building Drupal sites. See dissections of some of the most popular Drupal sites out there. Learn important topics such as the processes for building and grow successful Drupal websites. The event is organized by Lullabot's team of experts and features some of the world's most well-respected Drupal developers, designers, and architects.

Acquia Presentations at Do It With Drupal

Drupal Search Options
Presenter: Robert Douglass
Drupal's core search is better than most blogging software's built-in options. But when it comes to running a large-scale high-performance site, it can begin to be problematic. Acquia's Robert Douglass will talk about how to tie Drupal to other search engines such as Apache Solr, what benefits this brings, and how this type of solution can change the way we plan the server infrastructure.
Multilingual Drupal Sites
Presenter: Gábor Hojtsy
It turns out that not everyone in the world speaks English! Gábor Hojtsy hails from Hungary and as the co-maintainer of Drupal 6 core, he drove for better internationalization and multi-language handling in Drupal core. If you're planning the build of a multilingual Drupal site, this session will be a must see.