Grow your customers' bottom line by helping them deliver optimized digital experiences. In this webinar, you'll learn about emerging trends for cloud adoption, digital experience strategies, and buyer journeys. We will look at how Acquia Cloud’s developer tools and application services are evolving to continuous delivery tools for DevOps. This makes the case for looking beyond hosting and authoring to a full, end-to-end digital experience service.

Drupal 8.2 introduces multiple changes to usability with the new “Outside-in” editing experiences with the Settings Tray and the Place Block module. "Outside-in" interfaces make the job of site managers and editors much simpler, but what is equally as exciting is improvements being made to the Developer Experience (DX) slated for release with Drupal 8.3. This will make it easy for any Drupal module to add admin forms to the settings tray so that their users can interact directly with site config and get immediate feedback.

In a world where customer experience reigns, most marketers can agree that implementing personalization on their digital platforms is now a must-have, not a nice-to-have. This type of effort also requires a transformation – one that demands stakeholder buy-in and a clear, shared goal. And, more often than not, it means marketers must prove there will be a financial return on investment.

Speed and agility are the basis of effective and compelling customer experiences. Consumers today expect their digital brand interactions to be presented at their fingertips in an instant, all the while being completely personalized and responsive.

With its recent acquisition, many Ektron CMS users are making the switch to Drupal because of the many advantages the platform has to offer. There are several important things that are helpful to know, however, as you make the switch from Ektron to Drupal. Whether you are doing a redesign and only migrating content, or replatforming an existing site, knowing the ins and outs of Ektron will help your project go more smoothly.

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In Episode 4, we explored the technologies that underlie your customer’s experience with the brand. A digital platform won’t deliver results if the projects and people on it aren’t aligned. Once your team, projects and metrics tie to the customer’s bottom line, you’ll be able to consistently create amazing customer experiences.

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Is the future of content management decoupled? Centralization around a single source of content has never been more important as marketers aim to reach a growing array of channels and touchpoints. New tools known as headless CMSes providing content as a service are challenging the monolithic architecture that has long characterized CMSes like Drupal. What role do Drupal and traditional CMSes play in an increasingly API-first playing field and fragmented future?

Your customers today are managing many sites for multiple brands, products and campaigns across different regions and languages. The IT Digital and Marketing teams work together to deliver engaging digital experiences. During this webinar session you'll learn how to change the way your customers’ IT digital teams deliver and govern digital experiences and become a service for their digital marketing teams..