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How Drupal Can Make Us Healthier

The health sector is undergoing transformational growth and change, offering both opportunities and challenges for the industry.
The catalyst behind healthcare technology adoption is the HITECH Act, which “seeks to improve American health care delivery and patient care through an unprecedented investment in Health IT.” The desired outcome is a better-connected healthcare ecosystem between physicians, patients, insurance providers, nurses, family caregivers, and others, but right now that outcome is not being realized.

Four Reasons Your Technical Team Will Love Acquia Cloud Site Factory

In this ebook, you’ll read about the four reasons your technical team will love Acquia Cloud Site Factory, a solution that is designed to make your life easier and help your technical team kick some serious behind.
Built on the open source content management system Drupal, Acquia Cloud Site Factory is a cloud-based website management platform that allows users to create, manage, and deploy tens, hundreds, or even thousands of beautiful sites in record time from one unified dashboard.

Going Digital: The Enterprise Shift to Being Digital First

Of the Fortune 500 companies that existed 10 years ago, 70 percent are no longer sitting on their fortune. In fact, they have either been knocked out of the top 500 or are no longer in business due to digital disruption.
And it’s no secret that the digital age has made a major impact on every aspect of our lives.

Test for Success: A Digital Marketer’s Guide to Personalization

In today’s marketing world, buzzwords like automation, user experience, and custom content fill the pages of every blog post for customer experience and lead generation. It’s no wonder, given the wealth of data available on every prospective customer.
In this eBook, we show you how to take your testing strategy from concept to execution so that you can test for success, and ultimately drive more conversions on your site.

Writing the Digital Business Handbook

CDOs, Digital Strategists Transform Organizations for Success
Digital is changing business as usual. And changing government as usual. And higher ed as usual. Whether you’re Timex, the State of Georgia, or Oxford’s SAID Business School, interacting with the public is rapidly changing and evolving. As organizations struggle to transform, digital strategists of many descriptions and titles are appearing on the scene to help devise strategies and achieve major organizational goals in the evolving digital environment.

Global Reliability for Sites Too Big to Fail

Imagine that you run a tech startup that offers a clever, cloud-based software service. You’ve worked hard to build and promote it, and one day a small miracle happens— your product is featured on Mashable. Before you know it, you’re getting tens of thousands of hits an hour, and your homegrown server crashes under the load. Your service goes dark while you scramble to bring it back up. Suddenly what should have been your best day ever has just become your worst nightmare. In this scenario, having a high availability solution could spare you the major headache.

Drive Engagement and Site Conversion in Higher Education

Converge Content, Community, and Commerce
In this rapid age of innovation, it is imperative that educational establishments are able to attract and enroll the best prospective students. Once those students have matriculated, institutions need to develop software applications to support students and help them to collaborate, pay bills, take part in extracurricular activities and, most importantly, learn.

Five Steps to Get Ready for the Acquia Certified Developer Exam

“I want to get Acquia Certified. How do I prepare for the exam?” is a frequently asked question since the launch of the Acquia Certified Developer exam in March 2014.
Whether you are an expert Drupalist or a relatively new one, this guide will provide you with an insight into the nature of the exam, give you clear advice on how you can prepare, and provide some useful exam-taking tips.

Think Like a Publisher

Turn Your Commerce Site into a Content Machine
Content is king. But as the line between publishers and brands are blurring, all brands are finding themselves in both the content and the commerce games. And customers expect this.

Five Reasons Enterprise Marketers Will Love Drupal 8

Drupal 8’s Power, Ease of Use, and Enterprise Level Technology Make It the Go-To Platform for Enterprise Marketers

Locking Down the Cloud

Automation Raises Cloud Security to Highest Level
Over the last few years, IT departments have gotten increasingly comfortable with cloud technology, by which I mean cloud security. One IT analyst put it recently, “When it comes to the cloud, security is the number one concern. And number two isn’t even close.”
This ebook examines cloud security from an automation perspective: This is one of the most disruptive, and most promising developments in the already promising and disruptive evolution of cloud technology.

Acquia Digital Lifecycle Management

Fostering Continuous Success in the Digital World
Acquia sees a market shift, which requires solutions that include functionality for building truly integrated experiences quickly and deploying those experiences reliably. Acquia calls this category of technology Digital Lifecycle Management.

All Commerce Is Social

Way back in 1999—a thousand years ago in Internet years—a writer and designer, named Darcy DiNucci, coined the phrase Web 2.0. This marked the beginning of the web as a social experience, eventually altering commerce so that today customers can be brand advocates who play a crucial role in building your business.

From Zero to 60... Build Great Digital Experiences in Higher Education with Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Colleges and universities were among the first organizations to create websites. they are natural content generators with access to great thinkers, cutting edge research, and engaged students, not to mention they embody the word community. the web, as a result, was the perfect vehicle for them to communicate all they had to share and to connect with others.

Liberate Your Commerce Platform without Selling the Family Farm

If you are responsible for a mature commerce website in the face of today’s ever-changing online marketplace, you might find yourself in a predicament: You have invested untold financial and human resources into an enterprise-level software platform and an accompanying operational infrastructure, but now your site is behind the times and you can’t respond quickly enough to your customers’ expectations. What can you do?


From Zero to 60

Build Great Digital Experiences in the Financial Services Industry with Acquia Cloud Site Factory

5 Strategies for Unifying Content and Commerce

Closing the Content and Commerce Integration Gap
The game has changed for retailers and brands online . Consumers can forge their own unique discovery path through innumerable digital sites and platforms,
with limitless options for finding product information and reviews on sites that offer lower price points . In the midst of this digital disruption, organizations are looking to regain control of the brand discovery experience.
To remain competitive, brands need to deliver unified and engaging content, commerce, and social experiences at the pace of the web.

The Cloud Revolution

IT Adapts as Hosted Solutions Redefine Tech Roles
Today, cloud computing not only has changed how data is stored, but is permanently altering the role of information technology; IT professionals are using the current upheaval to define new roles, to explore new territories, and to push their companies in new directions .
In this ebook, we’ll look at IT’s new role in business strategy and introduce you to the practitioners and thinkers who are taking advantage of the cloud revolution to redefine their careers and the role of IT.

From Zero to 60...

Build Great Digital Experiences in the Life Sciences Industry with Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Building Success on Acquia Cloud: Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide Evaluating Application Development and Hosting Options
You have options. Options for how your site is developed, and how that customer experience is deployed. The next-generation hosting solution must not only be the service for hosting an application but also the environment in which to build that application. You must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of your options: do it yourself (DIY) with an on-premise solution, DIY with a hosting provider, or utilize a PaaS solution pre-build for your needs.
This eBook is a buyer's guide to outline what you should consider when evaluating DIY versus PaaS solutions.

Building Success on Acquia Cloud

3 Reasons to Make the Move
Today, staying ahead of the competition requires a great digital experience that can grow to meet the ever changing needs of the public. The platform you build on must enable you to keep pace with the speed of the web and innovate with ease. Acquia Cloud is the most scalable, reliable, and secure hosting platform and is optimized for Drupal—the most agile content management language for building great digital experiences.