Solving the Data Problem: Using Data, Analytics and Reporting to Deliver the Right Customer Experiences

While digital has created a great new way for businesses to interact directly with their customers, it’s also led to a very scary time for marketers.

Using Data to Deliver Optimal CX

Marketers are shouldering a heavier burden than ever before; they not only own the branding and messaging but have also taken on commerce, social media, and all aspects that involve the customer.

Although digital has given marketers a direct line to their audience, the reverse is also true: It has given customers a direct line back to the business. Customers expect to be known by the brand.

They expect brands to understand who they are, what they want, and why. Marketers are struggling to find ways to do this and are looking to learn from each interaction and conversation with the customer.

These interactions generate data that can be collected, analyzed, and then used to create a deeper, personalized experience that customers have now come to expect.

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