Making the Shift to Open Source First

As the number of organizations that are comfortable with open source technologies increases, a curious new phenomenon is starting to take shape. Instead of viewing open source software as an alternative to commercial software, many of those organizations are making open source software their first choice for any and all IT projects. It’s only after searching high and low for open source software that can fill their needs that they actually consider using commercial software.

In fact, the New Hampshire state legislature recently took this trend one step further. It passed legislation requiring state agencies to consider open source software before acquiring any new commercial software. Open source software has been a revolution in the making for over 20 years now.

What started out with an operating system created by enthusiasts has mushroomed into a multi-billion dollar industry that draws support from venerable companies such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle and Dell.

At the same time, open source software has been the driving force behind the creation of new companies such as Red Hat, which has become the latest major company to generate $1 billion in annual revenues. More importantly, household names such as Google, Facebook and Amazon wouldn’t even exist if it were not for open source software.