Five Questions CFOs Should Be Asking About Digital Transformation

Research firm Gartner just released its 2015 CIO agenda, a survey of over 2800 global CIOs who represent nearly $400 billion in IT spending. The primary finding? “Digitalization” is no longer a sideshow—it has moved to center stage and is changing the whole game. CIOs have a unique opportunity, but they must “flip” their information, technology, value, and people-leadership practices to deliver on the digital promise.

Gartner’s advice is to flip information and technology leadership from “legacy first” to “digital first.”

“Seizing the digital opportunity requires agility, adaptability, and speed. However, existing business processes, business models, information, technology, and talent suffer from legacy inertia and “bad complexity,” the Gartner report declared.CFOs should ensure that technology budgets are aligned with the needs of becoming a digital business, and to that point, here are five important questions CFOs should be asking CMOs and CIOs in 2015.