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Cooking Up Community

A Recipe for Fostering Drupal Success

“Come for the code. Stay for the community.” That’s the Drupal motto. Now that you have started using Drupal, is it time to create a Drupal community at your organization? The process of sharing, teaching, networking and collaborating is what turns the software that runs your website into the passion that changes your life.

We've put together a "Cookup Up Community" kit that contains everything you need for building your own Drupal community. This step-by-step guide provides the "recipe" that has worked for thousands of Drupalists who have built local Drupal communities.

The "Cooking Up Community" eBook contains easy-to-follow steps and special tips to help your Drupal community get off the ground. And to bring your new group together with special treats, we have recipes for cupcakes and butter cream frosting on specially designed recipe cards, and even Drupal cupcake wrappers that you can print out and use at your next meetup!

Download the full "Cooking Up Community" kit, and get cooking!

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