The Strategy Reality Lag

Beyond the Hype: New research into what separates digital dreamers from digital doers.
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If more than 80 percent of businesses claim digital is integral to their organisation’s operations and performance, why is it that 65 percent also see implementing it as their number one strategic challenge?

A compliant, cloud-first platform

Somewhere between the discussions in the boardroom and the developers’ desks, the momentum is being lost, and the action isn’t being taken to make it a reality. So, what’s getting in the way?

The surprising reality is that often, it’s not a technology problem. It’s people.

Acquia has supported thousands of web development projects, and integrates the necessary components to build and deploy personalised, content-driven websites. With the Acquia platform, digital pros can focus on successful online strategies, and organisations can benefit by improving time-to-market.

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