Decoupled CMS: Decoupled Drupal 101

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In the web development world, few trends are spreading more rapidly than decoupled (or headless) content management systems. 

coupled and decoupled architectures

A decoupled CMS architecture allows developers to utilize any technology to render the front-end experience (“the glass” where a user interacts with an application) in lieu of the theming and presentation layers that come with a coupled CMS out-of-the-box.

In a decoupled Drupal architecture, the Drupal back end exposes content to other front-end systems, such as native mobile applications, conversational UIs, or applications built in JavaScript frameworks.

In this guide to decoupled Drupal, you’ll learn how a decoupled architecture works, when you should consider decoupling, and how developers and designers can leverage decoupled Drupal to deliver ambitious digital experiences.

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