Build Better Drupal Sites Faster with Acquia Lightning

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Build Better Drupal Sites Faster with Acquia Lightning

Web developers and site builders play an essential part in every enterprise, especially those that prioritize digital experiences. To meet today's customer demands and business needs, they need the ability to build better and faster than ever before.

Acquia Lightning, an open source Drupal distribution, streamlines the process of building and delivering feature-rich sites. It also brings powerful enterprise authoring capabilities so that not just developers but experience creators – the layout creators, content authors, editors, reviewers, rich media managers and others – can excel at their jobs.

In this ebook, we give a quick, high-level overview of Drupal core and how Acquia Lightning builds on core with an “opinionated” version of Drupal full of commonly required capabilities for enterprise authoring and development.

We also dive in on the capabilities of Acquia Lightning and how it not only jump-starts your Drupal projects, but helps you build Drupal sites better, faster, and more powerful than ever – even more so when building projects on the Acquia Cloud.

Download this ebook to learn how to build better Drupal websites faster with Acquia Lightning.


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