Acquia DAM Feature Overview

Acquia DAM is the perfect tool to organize and share all your digital media files. It's easy-to-use, enabling you to save time and cut out the hassle.
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Are you still using cumbersome tools like Box and Dropbox to create, organize and share digital files to convey your company’s brand identity? We know there is a much better alternative to providing a self-service portal to all things “brand approved” while reducing the cost of creating and responding to design requests.

We call it  Acquia Digital Asset Management (DAM), and Acquia has just released a new e-book covering everything you need to know, breaking down the capabilities that will streamline how your team works with digital media to better manage your brand across a variety of digital touchpoints.

In this e-book, you will learn the capabilities of a DAM and lessons that you and your team can begin using immediately, including:

  • What a digital asset management (DAM) system is
  • How to use creative workflows to streamline your processes
  • How to use dynamic templates to speed up the design process
  • How to create brand guidelines to ensure brand consistency
  • How analytics and data can identify which assets are delivering the most value

Check out the Acquia DAM Feature Overview e-book to get all of the information that you need.