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Acquia Lift: Personalize Across Any Platform

Modern marketers have no choice but to implement a personalization strategy if they want to build and maintain relationships with their customers. In fact, those organizations that nurture their leads with personalized content find a 20% uplift in sales opportunities. Unfortunately, today’s marketers struggle to aggregate audience data across disparate technologies, making it nearly impossible to get a holistic understanding of buyer behavior and interests. Without a single, comprehensive view of the customer, organizations are unable to determine how to engage their audiences in the most impactful way.

Acquia Lift solves these challenges for marketing teams, bringing together customer data and content from any source to personalize the buyer’s journey across various channels and devices. Lift captures and unifies customer data into a single profile, empowering marketers to adaptively segment and target their audiences in real-time. With content syndication capabilities built in from the core, content from multiple sites, departments, and technologies can be accessed and used in any personalized experience.