TransLink gains agility with Drupal to keep passengers informed


Queensland Transit Authority moves to Drupal to speed innovation

TransLink sought to create a more engaging experience for riders who rely on the website for up-to-the-minute travel information. The customer-experience team built a business case to deploy a new content management system (CMS). Its team of 40 content contributors needed a system that would help them make updates quickly and keep riders connected while maintaining the familiar customer-facing interface. The team selected Drupal for greater digital agility and Acquia for its expertise and Drupal-tuned cloud platform.

How they did it

As a division of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, TransLink is responsible for leading and shaping the state’s passenger transport system. The website sees around 130,000 visits per day. Customers rely on TransLink for up-to-the-minute, accurate travel information.

The website was built over many years, using a combination of HTML and PHP, but there was no consistent underlying framework to help the site grow and expand. Content changes were cumbersome and time consuming. Needing a better platform for its digital initiatives, the team evaluated many CMS packages and development languages. However, prior team experience with open source CMS projects led TransLink to recommend Drupal for its agility, superior performance, and lower total cost of ownership. A new Drupal website would greatly accelerate TransLink’s time to market with critical news and ridership updates.

TransLink employs Drupal in four main ways:

  • Core content publication, such as travel times and fares
  • ŽŽContact centre notifications, such as service disruption alerts
  • Business notifications, such as media releases and corporate communications
  • Product information, such as disability/concessions and go cards

Being a division of state government, TransLink must meet particular civic and legislative requirements. Security, governance, transparency, and performance are critical to web operations. With a lean Customer Experience team, TransLink chose to work with Acquia to gain access to specialist services and support, as well as the advantages of deploying on Acquia Cloud, a Drupal-tuned platform for building, and managing digital experiences.

The results

According to TransLink, feedback from the more than 30 publishers who use Drupal for the four core organisational tasks is extremely positive. Content publishing is now vastly more efficient and robust as well.

The greatest benefit of introducing Drupal to TransLink is in replacing the former underlying systems to gain a stable digital experience platform that provides greater agility for the agency’s lean development team. Acquia enables TransLink to innovate faster—fixes, enhancements, and changes are quicker to implement. Governance, version control, and version tracking are valuable benefits that support the government agency’s recordkeeping requirements.

Acquia Cloud streamlines development and deployment of TransLink’s website and provides greater resiliency with a service-level agreement that offers assurance that the site is always available. Drupal can be easily integrated with other digital platforms and applications, and Acquia helps TransLink with integrations and workflow improvements, including integrating the .NET application Journey Planner with the site. Acquia provides strategic counsel in using the Drupal digital experience platform to support organisational objectives, as well as support and advice with module selection, security, and performance reviews. For the future, the team is looking at offering more customer personalisation and a responsive site for mobile devices.

“Acquia is like an underwriter for Drupal—you get all the innovation of open source, with all the comfort and transparency needed for enterprise and government. It’s 100 percent support for TransLink,” said Natalie Gorring, manager of Online Products & Services.

“ We run a high-profile, citizen-centric website that people use every day, and we need the reliable underlying infrastructure that Acquia Cloud provides. We also have a very lean team with just two developers, so we also need the benefit of Acquia’s support team and the wider Drupal community”
Natalie Gorring
Manager, Online Products & Services, TransLink

Company Information

Drupal user since 2013
Acquia client since 2013
  • 40 Drupal CMS users
  • ŽŽ130,000 unique visits to the
  • TransLink website per day
  • More than 50 percent of site traffic from mobile devices

Success Enabled With...

  • Acquia Cloud Enterprise with Enterprise support
  • website powered by Drupal
  • Acquia Professional Services