NIBIB Elevates Awareness of Mission and Research While Recognising Substantial Cost Savings

Dynamic Content Presentation and Delivery Increases Public Recognition, Incites Community Engagement

After celebrating its 10 year anniversary, the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) wanted to increase awareness of its mission to improve health through the acceleration of the application of biomedical technologies.

A new website was critical to drawing new audiences to its research, but NIBIB needed a plan that would ensure the site was delivered on time, within budget, and would meet government regulations. Working with LCG Systems and Acquia, NIBIB adopted Drupal and, within one year, a team with no previous Drupal experience successfully launched a new website. The new site is meeting NIBIB’s goals of generating wider interest in the agency’s research while lowering the agency’s costs related to its digital properties.

The Challenge

NIBIB aims to improve health by leading the development and accelerating the application of biomedical technologies through a variety of training programs and research funding opportunities. But there was a problem: NIBIB lacked stakeholder and public awareness around the opportunities and research-based information it provides.

Reaching the general public and key stakeholders—the core audiences that NIBIB wanted to reach, teach, and engage—was proving to be a challenge and the organization’s online presence was largely to blame. The former web platform was limited in capabilities, making efficiently uploading and managing content difficult. This, in turn, presented challenges to attracting visitors and kept them from coming back. Additionally, NIBIB was unable to deploy any social sharing features, further prohibiting the organization from spreading the type of awareness it wanted.

And herein was the challenge: creating a website that meets government regulations while also effectively generating deeper engagement and more publicity around research.

The Solution

With LCG’s guidance, NIBIB selected Drupal, an open source platform that provides the organization with the flexibility to build a great digital experience to showcase its news and research. NIBIB was up and running quickly with Acquia’s Enablement Program and Learning Services, and, through the program, received site performance and security audits throughout the creation process, as well. When the site launched, NIBIB leveraged Acquia Cloud services.

“The Acquia team was incredibly supportive. When we signed on, they didn’t just say ‘here’s the cloud, good luck’,” said NIBIB’s project manager at LCG. “We became partners; Acquia provided strong assistance and worked closely with us to identify ways the site could be made even better through various site and security audits.”

In addition to building the team’s Drupal knowledge, Acquia enabled NIBIB to take control of the content it wanted to share. This allowed the content team to focus on improving the navigation of the site while also introducing a social media component.
Since the site launch, the team has been able to upload stories, photos, and video directly and make necessary updates to the site on their own, a process that is now significantly easier for the NIBIB digital team.

“We really wanted one thing—to be known. A big part of achieving the type of awareness we wanted was to make ourselves more accessible to the public, to help more people understand the work we’re doing. With Acquia and Drupal, we created an effective strategy around the content we share. Drupal also enabled us to make the site more visually appealing with images and video, as well, while staying in line with the required online format set by the NIH,” said Rolando Romero, Chief Technology Officer at NIBIB.

The Results

NIBIB estimates that, unlike proprietary web CMS options, migrating to Drupal with Acquia will save the organization more than $1 million over the next five years.

In addition to these cost savings, the capabilities of the new website allowed NIBIB to create a social presence, and in just a few short months, gaining hundreds of Twitter followers who are engaged with NIBIB research and content. Many of these followers share NIBIB content with their networks to further engage an even broader community. Acquia enables NIBIB to maintain its web presence more efficiently, from organizing and managing content to engaging the growing community. With Acquia’s guidance and training capabilities, NIBIB’s web team can easily keep the website updated with fresh content and share it across social channels.

“Acquia let us essentially create a ‘do-it-yourself’ website, one that allows us to efficiently manage and plan content sharing strategies,” Romero said. “The reality is, from a content and community perspective, it’s night and day between what we had and what we have now.”

From a content and community perspective, it’s night and day between what we had and what we have now.
Rolando Romero

Company Information

National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB)
Leading development and application of innovative technologies to improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases.
Drupal user since July 2012
Acquia client since July 2012
Success Enabled With...
  • Drupal
  • Acquia Cloud
  • Acquia Learning Services

By the Numbers...

  • Lower TCO by estimated $1 million over five years