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Case study: Intuit's Mint.com

Acquia Platform Speeds Launch, While Acquia Lift Takes Marketing to a New Level

Case study: Intuit's Mint.com

Intuit's Mint.com Relaunches with New, Responsive Design

When Mint needed a new content management system (CMS) to accompany the launch of its new rebranded site, the personal finance site turned to the Acquia Platform to make the switch. With an eye toward mobile first, the Intuit-owned brand relaunched its site with a new responsive theme agile enough to take its marketing efforts to the next level—all within an incredible six weeks!

The Challenge

Mint has a public facing marketing site (Mint.com) where visitors learn about the company’s SaaS offerings. As an Alexa top 250 site that gets hundreds of millions of pageviews monthly, Mint.com had outgrown its legacy platform. Mint’s marketing team was gung-ho for a new CMS, one that would scale to the site’s growing body of content and empower stakeholders to make changes on their own, without involving IT.

But Mint wanted to take its marketing efforts even further. It wanted to create a more engaging experience for visitors with personalized landing pages. The company also wanted to automate A/B testing to improve conversion rates. And while the previous Mint.com theme was desktop only, Mint needed a responsive theme to keep pace with a rapidly expanding mobile market. Finally, the most pressing challenge was an aggressive production schedule. The replatform had to coincide with a rebranding less than two months away

The Solution

After thoroughly comparing a variety of hosted solutions, Mint decided to relaunch its marketing site on the Acquia Platform. To supplement its lean in-house development team, Mint.com hired Third and Grove for architecture layout and implementation support. Third and Grove’s experience with personalization, mobile/responsive design, and content engagement made them a great choice for the project.

Once a decision was made, things moved forward at a lightning pace.

“With a lot of the solutions we looked at, implementation timelines were months and months, if not more. We had less than two months,” explained Michael Daniels, senior web engineering leader for Mint. Throughout the project, Mint relied on Acquia’s Drupal expertise and partner tools to keep the project going full steam.

And with a focus on data-driven marketing, Mint added Acquia Lift. The personalization platform gave Mint the ability to deliver not only relevant content, but to determine the right content for the highest conversions.

The Results

Mint’s entire relaunch happened within an almost-unheard-of month and a half. “We moved more than 1,000 pages from our legacy site. On top of that, we had a redesign, a rebranding, and re-architecture of our top pages,” said Daniels.

With the help of the Acquia Platform, Mint’s marketing team can now make edits and updates to Mint.com on the fly.

“Things we normally had to put in backlog or onto a build schedule, we can now do in minutes,” said Janin Kompor, Mint’s senior manager of marketing and web strategy for Mint.

Acquia Lift, which integrates seamlessly with Drupal, gives Mint the power of personalization.

“Someone coming to the homepage looking for budgeting tools is going to get a different presentation than someone looking to pay bills,” said Kompor.

According to Daniels, the biggest savings has been in developer resources. Mint’s content stakeholders can now do much more on their own. And whenever Mint needs help, it turns to Acquia.

“We received good attention from Acquia,” said Daniels. “Whenever we have questions, we get quick answers.”

1,000 pages migrated to Drupal 7 in only 6 weeks

Company Information

Owned by Intuit
Launched September 2007 - Headquarters in Mountain View, CA
Over 20 million registered accounts - Alexa top 250 site
Acquia client since 2014
Drupal user since 2014
  • Acquia Platform
  • Acquia Cloud
  • Acquia Lift
  • Drupal 7
  • Third and Grove (technical architecture and implementation support)