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Case study: Large Insurance Company

Speed, Security, and Personalization Attract Major Insurance Company to Drupal and Acquia

Case study: Large Insurance Company

A Large Insurance Company Evaluated Options for a Single, Enterprise-wide Digital Solution. The Winner Was Acquia and Drupal

Insurance companies and financial services firms that offer a great web experience are few in number—fewer still who can deliver a personalized and engaging web experience that drives conversion. And yet that’s exactly what customers want—a financial partner whose website serves up an engaging, personalized experience designed just for them.

Rather than let others take the lead, one major U.S. insurance company set out to beat the competition by developing a website designed around customer engagement. For this insurer, the time was right to transition from a traditional business-to-business model, working through an agent network, to a combination business-to-business and business-to-consumer focus. Individual insurance marketing was the future, and it was coming on fast.

This company needed to become more engaged with its customers as individuals and deliver the highest level of personalization possible. The company decided to embark on a major company-wide strategic initiative—from the CEO down—to consolidate and standardize its digital content management solutions across its entire business.

Site security and support were important. To bring “a fresh set of eyes” to the challenge, the company brought in an outside consultant with experience in this kind of transition. The closer this analyst looked at this insurance company’s needs, the more he—and his clients at the insurance firm—started seeing the value that Acquia and Drupal could provide.

The Challenge

This prominent insurance firm and its subsidiaries sell life insurance, long-term care insurance, disability income plans, and group medical and dental insurance products; the company also offers 401(k), annuities, and other financial products. The company has several thousand employees in the U.S. and a network of financial representatives in dozens of agencies nationwide.

The company already had a significant web presence, including dozens of sites that served thousands of plan participants, all supported by expensive proprietary system licenses. It wasn’t enough. Now that it was dealing directly with customers, this company discovered that it had to deliver a more personalized experience to each individual. It needed to know as much as it could about every visitor: What financial products had he or she already purchased? Which ones might each visitor be interested in?

The Solution

This led the insurance company to explore the Acquia Platform as the foundation of its digital success. The Acquia Platform provides Digital Experience Solutions to unify content, community, and commerce with the power of Drupal, the most flexible content management system (CMS). The Acquia Platform easily connects brand, social, and commerce experiences to provide a unified experience that is seamless across devices and channels.

The Acquia Platform’s Digital Experience Cloud streamlined the development process with tools that increased team productivity and the quality of application design; it also provides a hosting environment and service that is secure, reliable, and scalable. This is what they used to build the foundation of their digital strategy.

The top layer of the Acquia Platform is Digital Engagement Services, which through its Acquia Lift component, provides personalization capabilities including customer segmentation, testing, targeting, content recommendations and offers, and a data warehouse that stores the visitor’s profile and context across all touchpoints. The goal is to optimize the delivery of digital experiences with the most relevant, personalized content for every audience across channels—to increase conversion and engagement.

Two of the company’s major goals in its digital transformation were to increase the number of leads it generated through its site, and to cross-sell insurance policies and financial products, like 401(k)s, to individuals in a targeted way. Acquia Lift made this possible.

This company also needed a content management system that could scale across all its individual lines of business, including thousands of micro and agent sites—a core capability of another Acquia Platform component: Acquia Cloud Site Factory.

A recent Total Economic Impact study, by Forrester Research, showed the effect of adopting Acquia Cloud Site Factory on four companies. Forrester determined that a composite of these companies will achieve nearly a 950 percent return on their investment in the technology.

But that was just the start of the evaluation process. To set itself up for future growth, the company wanted a single enterprise platform that would work for the company internally and externally, across every single part of the business. That meant the company needed customer-facing sites, internal resources that employees and agents could use, and the ability to add new features in the future. In other words: a digital platform for the entire business. That’s the Acquia Platform.

The Results

A primary web presence was just the beginning of a process that would move on to other key properties in the months to come. These requirements eliminated many web content management systems that lacked the flexibility and scalability to handle tasks beyond presenting web content and displaying a limited number of use cases.

With Drupal, the cost savings would be significant since its open source license is free. An extensive total cost of ownership analysis over 1-, 3-, and 5-year periods showed that a transition to Drupal would generate substantial savings in spite of the company’s expenditure on expensive proprietary licenses.

But the 7-month evaluation conducted by the company was about much more than cost savings. Speed and flexibility were “must haves.” This steered the company toward an open source model to take advantage of the global development community who is constantly updating and improving software that is free to use. The “open” nature of Drupal’s open software would also allow the firm’s own developers to customize it to fit the needs exactly.

By contrast, requesting new features and tools from the large proprietary platforms has never been easy, often requiring a frustrating wait in a virtual queue outside the door of the company’s overworked staff. Security and risk mitigation were also important to the insurance firm and were the focus of multiple onsite meetings and demos, executive briefings, and rigorous “proof of concept” demonstrations.

That’s where Acquia’s value became apparent. Acquia’s extensive services and support, including constant monitoring, security updates, and software patches, provided the insurance team with peace of mind when it came to site security and maintenance. The executive team also had a favorable experience with Drupal, progressing the adoption of the technology internally as well.

By the end of the evaluation process, the checkmarks in the Acquia/Drupal column added up to an easy decision for the insurance company. Drupal provided the outstanding platform; Acquia contributed a new level of personalization and the assurance that comes with a company of Drupal experts dedicated to a high level of security and reliability.

The result: The ideal combination for a digital business platform for the future.

In three years, Forrester stated, a composite organization based on the Acquia Cloud Site Factory customers interviewed will achieve nearly a 950 percent return on their investment in the technology, realize a payback on their investment in a little more than two months, and reduce their overall site costs. One of the organizations interviewed was able to reduce its overall site costs by as much as 80 percent.

Acquia’s extensive services and support, including constant monitoring, security updates, and software patches, provided the insurance team with peace of mind when it came to site security and maintenance.