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Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist


Partner: Genuine


The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health’s previous website was clunky, difficult to navigate, and burdensome to manage. It didn’t communicate the unique Kripalu experience or robust resources available to its customers and followers. To be successful, Kripalu needed to better engage their audiences, both before and after they visit the campus. Online bookings were also a challenge - only 20% of the guests used Kripalu’s website to make a reservation, and the remaining 80% often complained about a frustrating website user experience that led them to use a phone instead. Increasing online registration was a big opportunity and primary goal for the redesign.


Kripalu approached Acquia’s partner Genuine Interactive to solve their identified challenges. To improve site experience, the team bridged the gap between content and commerce to strengthen program pages and communicate Kripalu’s values. Genuine team used the Acquia Platform to build an immersive, responsive brand hub with an authentic and welcoming tone. The new design allows users to more easily learn about the many ways they can experience the Kripalu yoga-based lifestyle and find the experience that’s right for them.


  • Improved domain authority, lower bounce and exit rates, and increased SEO/organic search.
  • The Kripalu site benefits from Acquia’s reliable server architecture and intuitive dev workflow, which enabled a handful of developers to collaborate on the build simultaneously. The site is extremely performant.

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