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Johnson & Johnson Pharmagenius

Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist

Johnson & Johnson Pharmagenius

Partner: CI&T


Johnson & Johnson required a digital experience platform to blend its B2B content and ecommerce platform with a single CMS platform. The initial application needed to scale to support over 200,000 pharmacists across multiple countries.


Using Drupal and Drupal Commerce in Acquia Cloud, the system was able to connect the entire E-commerce with SAP using Odata protocol to handle the online training workflow plus all the user management interaction using Drupal rest web services that were developed to connect with SalesForce.

Acquia Cloud was crucial to help our team to manage 3 teams working simultaneously in a continuous delivery process. Johnson & Johnson and CI&T accelerated development with the use of Acquia Cloud’s Insight Score to manage the the system reliability. The the use of integrated caching solutions such as Memcache and Varnish were crucial points to handle the bumps and keep on track with each delivery in time.


  • Once completed, Johnson & Johnson had an integrated digital experience that could extend its support to additional brands. The site also enabled
    Personalized e-commerce with real time pricing calculation based on customer group and shopping cart items combination.
  • A reduction of infrastructure cost
  • A delivery vehicle for marketing materials and media calendars for pharmacy support and sales generation
  • An online learning portal with enhanced experiences available to leading customers
  • Digital experiences that can extend to multiple countries