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Guardian Digital is the premier open source business email security provider, offering fully managed, threat-ready protection against phishing, ransomware and other emerging attacks.

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Guardian Digital


Guardian Digital wanted to update its traditional brand awareness efforts with a modern marketing approach.


With disparate marketing systems, creating and deploying data-driven campaigns was a tedious, manual process.




After deploying Mautic to get new marketing campaigns up and running more quickly, Guardian Digital saw the following results:

  • 74% increase in time on page 
  • 52% decrease in bounce rates
  • Increases in site traffic and new sessions

The Client

The premier open source business email security provider, Guardian Digital combines open source development with expert engineering and decades of industry expertise to provide its customers with fully managed, threat-ready protection against phishing, ransomware and other emerging attacks. The company serves more than 500 clients in almost every international market.

The Situation

Guardian Digital wanted to update its traditional brand awareness efforts with a modern marketing strategy. But the company’s disparate marketing systems meant that manual outreach was the norm, not the exception. With a desire to more quickly create and deploy campaigns, the company began searching for a flexible, enterprise-grade marketing automation platform.

The Challenge

Guardian Digital realized that to stay competitive — or get ahead — its marketing efforts must evolve. But like many companies, standalone, siloed systems prevented it from accomplishing its goals. Guardian Digital execs wanted marketing technology that shared the company’s open source philosophy built on the principles of accessibility and transparency, helping the company avoid vendor lock-in and ensuring data portability. Guardian Digital needed a flexible enterprise-grade marketing automation platform that would enable them to get new campaigns up and running much more quickly, to help drive brand awareness and recognition.

The Solution

The company considered a number of advanced, well-regarded marketing analytics systems before ultimately selecting Mautic, which has allowed the small company to operate with the speed and sophistication of a much bigger corporation. Guardian Digital has found that Mautic is an ideal platform for:

  • Quickly and efficiently creating audience segments
  • Tracking email opens
  • Easily analyzing message performance to continuously optimize campaigns
  • Identifying engaged contacts for potential follow-up
  • Sharing notes on individual contacts

Using Mautic, Guardian Digital’s sales teams were able to track, record and manage phone and form submission leads, increasing sales and revenue. Integrating with all of Guardian Digital’s platforms and business systems — not just a chosen few — Mautic helped Guardian Digital’s marketers understand which campaigns were driving leads and conversions, helping them to maximize their marketing ROI.  

The Results 

Guardian Digital Site On Laptop

Since transitioning to Mautic, Guardian Digital has realized a number of improvements including a 74% increase in time on page and a 52% decrease in bounce rates, in addition to increases in traffic and new sessions. Additionally, Guardian Digital’s team appreciates the fast, easy updates and maintenance that Mautic provides, which has led to lower ongoing costs. In the future, Guardian Digital plans to use Mautic to expand its “next-gen” PR efforts by using the data from the platform on which messages resonate with customers to inform future thought leadership content and messaging direction.

Guardian Digital has ambitious goals to double sales year over year. CEO Dave Wreski says, “In order to accomplish this, we’re going to need to act with greater urgency – learning and reacting in real time – and having context regarding our relationship with each contact in order to deliver the right communications, content and offers. With Mautic, we feel like we’ve got the technology now to set an ambitious goal like this and achieve it.”

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