Digital, Drupal and Acquia help Fujirebio leverage acquisition of Innogenetics to fuel global growth


Acquia and D’M&S created a new website and platform that now supports international growth and large amounts of traffic

When Fujirebio, the Japanese healthcare provider, acquired the Belgium- based Innogenetics, an international in vitro diagnostics (IVD) company, the company turned to Drupal and Acquia to provide a framework and a sustainable platform to help deliver global success under its new brand, Fujirebio Europe.

The Problem

During and after mergers and acquisitions, it’s essential to ensure not only cultural integration between the employees, but also retain familiarity for customers across both the organisations.

That was the case for Fujirebio in 2010 when it acquired Innogenetics. The acquisition provided Fujirebio with a strong sales and marketing presence across Europe, as well as enriching R&D activities to develop new products. This acquisition created an international healthcare company that conceives, develops, produces, and markets high quality IVD testing solutions worldwide.

The acquisition also created a need for Fujirebio to rethink its business strategies: The new company would need to increase its digital engagement and lead generation activities. The existing homegrown CMS platform wouldn’t support Fujirebio Europe’s digital initiatives and lacked the integration tools needed for this project. The company sought a platform that would better optimise Fujirebio Europe’s digital business with a new, state-of-the-art system that connected with customer relationship management and marketing automation solutions.

How they did it

Initially, Innogenetics kept its brand name in Europe. However, the formation of a newly- merged company needed to be communicated to current and potential customers. Both Fujirebio and Innogenetics had strong and loyal customer bases, which were fundamental to the future success of the organisation. It was important to demonstrate the new, enhanced setup without alienating audiences who might feel singularly loyal to Innogenetics.

A rebranded website in Drupal was the first port of call for customers, prospects, and partners to increase engagement with visitors, encourage signups on the contact page, and grow lead generation. The former site relied on an old CMS on which no measurements were made of the site’s performance. Google Analytics was installed, and once the tracking of site statistics was in place, work could begin on improving the website appearance. The homepage was updated with new products highlighted and featured, allowing visitors to click through to get further information.

Fujirebio also wanted new users of the website to be directed to the eServices area of the website, which provides services and information at any time of the day across the world. This area gives users access to videos, regulatory information, instructions, and other content. These steps were vital for Fujirebio to build customer relations in what could have been a tumultuous period. Thanks to the flexibility and agility of Drupal, the eServices area quickly became a central resource for customers and prospects, and is today regularly improved in order to meet user needs and feedback.

After a comparison with other enterprise systems, Acquia’s open-cloud platform was selected because it delivered scalability, security, and high performance for Drupal sites. Acquia, with partner D’M&S, came highly recommended by the majority of agencies in Belgium. Working with Acquia and D’M&S, Fujirebio built a new platform on Acquia Cloud. Acquia also provided Fujirebio with Pro Plus support, a 24x7 critical support service, as it looked to expand its global presence and reach new audiences.

The results

Together, Acquia and D’M&S combined technical know-how and a deep understanding of web development to create the new website and platform that supports international growth and large amounts of traffic. What Fujirebio liked about Acquia Cloud is that the user interface is very simple and modules can be easily added. In addition, Acquia Cloud can easily integrate with existing software, such as Marketo and Salesforce.com, so this Drupal-tuned platform can optimally support Fujirebio as it continues to grow.

During the implementation process, it was decided that the newly merged company would rebrand under the name Fujirebio Europe. With the flexibility of Acquia Cloud, this was easily accomplished.

Christian Lindknud, Business Manager, eBusiness and Strategic Initiatives, at Innogenetics (now Fujirebio Europe) led this initiative. He felt very strongly that getting the technology and platform right to facilitate this communication was crucial to the success of the acquisition.

Now that we are an Acquia customer, I know that technology will not stand in our way as we to continue to grow.
Christian Lindknud Business Manager
eBusiness and Strategic Initiatives, Fujirebio Europe

Company Information

Fujirebio Europe
Leading international healthcare company that conceives, develops, produces and markets state of the art in vitro diagnostics (IVD) testing solutions worldwide
Drupal user since 2012