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Commerce Compiled Case Study


The commerce landscape today is vastly different than any we’ve faced before.

The customer journey has changed,
and with it, the entire industry.

For retail and consumer brands, the commerce landscape is an ever-evolving maze. Just as soon as you think you’ve found your way through the final challenge, you round a corner and smack right into another wall. The challenges for a modern retailer are vast and varied, and they’re always changing.No matter your role in the commerce industry — whether you’re responsible for customer experience, or technical systems, or overseeing personnel, or managing product, or exploring new markets — you’re no doubt up against some pretty tough conditions. Read on to learn how some major brands are keeping up with the rapid pace of digital commerce innovation.

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Unifying Content, Commerce Boosts Orders 64%

With more than 800 stores in 51 countries, cosmetics retailer Lush enjoyed impressive in-store sales of its handmade bath and beauty products, at levels that far eclipsed web sales. Given its desire to boost web sales and bring its interactive, immersive brick-an mortar experience online, the brand turned to experience design firm Method to lead a redesign, and to Acquia to provide a seamless integration between content and commerce.


Increase online sales: Create a digital experience that compels consumers to buy.

Align online and offline brand: Make the online experience as interactive and unforgettable as the in-store experience.

Integrate content and commerce: Allow users to move seamlessly between information gathering and purchase.


After using the Acquia Platform to marry commerce and content, the Lush website realized dramatic spikes in both web traffic and online sales; in fact, the site paid for itself in just 6 months. Conversion and engagement metrics improved far beyond expectations, and the site was named an “inspiring mobile commerce website” by Econsultancy. Here’s more: 

Online sales skyrocket: Digital orders increased by a whopping 64 percent.

Immersive brand experience leads to transactional transformational: Website sessions increased by 75 percent and shopping cart abandonment decreased by 16 percent as commerce is embedded into site content

Responsive design scores big points: Mobile-friendly site creates a seamless cross-screen shopping and purchasing experience.

Replicable Templates: Lush’s Japan and Brazil sites were able to build their respective identities using the framework created by Lush UK.



Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

800+ stores in 51 countries



Acquia Platform

Flexibility of the Acquia Platform allowed Lush to integrate content and commerce, increasing purchasing incentive

Customer Driven Commerce

Responsive Design


64% increase in digital orders

75% increase in website sessions

16% decrease in abandoned shopping carts

Integrating Music, Fans and Merchandise Spurs Nearly 20-fold Revenue Increase

Legendary rock band The Doors has enjoyed a global fan following and an honored place in music history that has lasted far beyond the band’s 1960s heyday. Emerging on the music scene decades before the Internet or websites existed, the band’s first website followed the formula set forth by well-meaning managers and record company marketers but ultimately offered a unilateral user experience. The Doors turned to MasterChannel and Acquia to create a website that provided fans with a world-class experience they couldn’t get anywhere else.


Creating a site that supports the customer journey: Building a site that allows customers to engage and purchase, then encourages them to return again and again.

Integrating commerce into the online mix: Expanding the online commerce experience to include points across the customer journey like content and product discovery -- beyond just browsing and buying.


Online revenue increased nearly 20-fold in the first year after launchIn February 2013, MasterChannel launched a completely reconfigured platform for TheDoors.com, replacing a website that had stagnated under the previous service provider. Through Acquia Commerce and Drupal 7, the website features a rich mosaic of content and an interactive experience that quickly paid dividends. In the first year after launch, online revenue increased by more than 1900% over the year prior to the launch.



Legendary Rock Band



Acquia Platform

Responsive brand experience accessible on any device

Commerce built-in applications: checkout, product and payment

Seamless transitions between fan interaction and merchandise purchases


Nearly 20-fold increase in revenue

Empowering Content Team Revitalizes Athletic Wear Trendsetter’s Site

One of the leading trendsetters in athletic wear relies on rich content and imagery to bring the brand to life.The company, one of the leading footwear, clothing, and consumer goods companies in the world with thousand of employees and annual revenue in the billions, realized that the complexities of executing at a global level were growing as the brand’s digital retail business grew. However, the company found that their current website hampered the larger mission of a unified brand and customer experience. They enlisted the help of Demandware’s commerce solution and Acquia to heighten their digital platform.


Integrating Commerce and Content: Unifying shopping and brand experience.

Limited Content Management System: Ineffective patchwork of back-end systems.

Heavily Taxed IT Team: Overreliance on an overburdened team.


The Demandware-Acquia solution provided a far more robust platform that is, at the same time, greatly simplified. This easy-to-use CMS streamlined the workflow for those creating and approving content. The improved workflow has also meant an increased communication and collaboration among commerce and marketing teams, leading to much more powerful content and an online experience in keeping with the brand’s vision. With the Acquia support and the Acquia platform, this trendsetting brand will continue to redefine the world of athletic wear.


Leading Lifestyle & Athletic Brand


Acquia-built integration for both commerce and brand sites

Demandware design giving commerce flow to new branding


This brand has requested we keep their impact results confidential.

Today, a great customer experience is an integrated one;

one that takes into account the various customer touchpoints across all channels, and is constantly evolving based on customer needs. It incorporates content with commerce, delivering immersive experiences that engage and excite. At Acquia, we understand both the complexities and the challenges that retail businesses face in the everevolving marketplace.

Know Your Brand

The most successful brands in the world have a sense of identity. They know who they are, the story they want to tell, where they’re going, and how to get there

Know Your Customers

“Customer is King” is more than just an old adage, it’s a guiding principal. Brands who know their customers intimately and are able to fit seamlessly into their lives

Let Your Content Work For You

Make your customer’s digital experience as engaging as their in-store experience so that their journey with your brand is enriched with quality content, andseamless across all channels.

Plan For The Future

Digital never sleeps. To maintain relevancy and keep costs under control today and long into the future, brands must develop on open and agile network of technologies capable of growing and advancing as they do.

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