Case Study

CloudHealth by VMware

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After being acquired, CloudHealth needed to align its website to fit with VMware’s broader product portfolio.


 The site’s old Drupal installation, lack of extensibility and awkward UX presented challenges.

Our Solution

Acquia Cloud Platform

  • 119% increase in blog pageviews
  • 130% increase in blog users 
  • 132% increase in site goal conversions
  • 33% increase in site chat engagement
  • 178% increase in email captures


 The Client

Founded in 2012, CloudHealth joined VMware in 2018 to anchor its multi-cloud management portfolio and bring customers and partners visibility, control and the ability to optimize cost and usage across all their cloud environments. With more than 10,000 customers and $11 billion in combined cloud spend under management, CloudHealth is the most trusted software platform for accelerating business transformation in the cloud.

The Situation

After it was acquired by VMware, the CloudHealth team needed to redesign its digital experience to align with VMware’s broader product portfolio and optimize its B2B lead generation efforts. In the first phase of the effort, the team focused on redesigning the site’s blog, which had a strong content collection that wasn’t being fully leveraged to increase engagement and B2B lead generation. After the blog redesign went live, the team turned to redesigning the main marketing site.

The Challenge

The CloudHealth team faced a few main challenges. The first was that the existing site was on an old installation of Drupal 7, meaning it wasn’t taking advantage of the advanced editorial functionality available in Drupal 8 and 9. The site also lacked product extensibility. Specifically, the navigation and information architecture needed to be updated to support the growing business and product lines, as well as future product announcements. The final challenge was to update the UX and make it more elegant, properly reflecting CloudHealth’s cutting-edge technology and helping improve lead generation.

The Solution

Working with partner Third and Grove, the teams collaborated to design and build — from the ground up — a brand new, engaging and elegant visitor experience. The teams implemented an agile approach, working in sprints, from ideation to execution to launch, and shared project tools like Slack and Jira to facilitate the team’s shared goal and purpose. The Acquia Cloud Platform was the foundational framework the delivery team used to build the site with an agile approach. With Acquia Cloud Platform the teams were able to easily adapt to changing requirements and adjustments to the timeline.

The Results

CloudHealth realized significant results for both its blog redesign and its main site overhaul:

For the blog redesign: 

  • 119% increase in pageviews
  • 130% increase in users 

For the main site: 

  • 132% increase in goal conversions
  • 33% increase in chat engagement
  • 178% increase in email captures


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