Case Study

CIM Group




After a merger with Cole Capital, the CIM Group wanted to redesign their web experience to reflect a singular CIM Group site experience.


The new site needed to have a modern design to tell the brand story in the first five seconds with an easy way to publish content.

Our Solution

Acquia Cloud Platform


The site quickly and effectively tells the brand story and is easy for the content team to update and maintain.

The Client

CIM is a community-focused real estate and infrastructure owner, operator and lender. Since 1994, CIM has led more than $60 billion of projects in communities across the Americas on behalf of its own account and for its partners and co-investors. CIM’s broad in-house expertise includes decades of research, acquisition, credit analysis, development, finance, leasing and property management experience in urban real assets, net-lease assets and other associated credit strategies. 

The Situation

After the acquisition of Cole Capital, the CIM Group sought to launch a new site to reflect a singular CIM Group site experience. The new site needed to serve as the central digital property of the new brand, and reflect the additional breadth of the combined entities, as well as an emphasis on their community-based strategies. 

The Challenge

The new site needed to have a clean modern design that provides visitors a quick visual story and allow them to understand who CIM Group is in the first five seconds, in order to significantly reduce site abandonment. Site content authors wanted an easier way to publish content and have the ability to spin up microsites. The site needed to be search friendly, secure and mobile responsive. 

The Solution

Partnering with Appnovation and engaging with stakeholders across IT, marketing and product organizations, a content strategy was designed to ensure that content was written with a web audience in mind. Content pages were created using stylized paragraphs with the implemented content widget through the eye of the designer that created them, resulting in a high-impact implementation on the Acquia Cloud Platform. 

The Results

The new site is modern with a clean design that quickly and effectively tells the CIM Group story of creating value and enhancing communities. The new site is SEO/SEM-optimized and integrates with Google Analytics to enhance data-driven decision-making. Leveraging Drupal’s flexible and scalable capabilities, the new site gives CIM’s content team the tools they need to create and maintain best-in-class web content quickly and easily. 

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