Testing Your Website Under Real-World Conditions

The Importance of Testing Your Website Under Real-World Conditions

Many apps are being used outside the sterile confines of the testing lab – under “in the wild” conditions; thus, when apps and users are distributed around the globe, a portion of your testers should be too. While your internal resources may be finite, there are tens of thousands of professional testers around the world representing the same, vast array of your end user base. How long can companies attempt to satisfy a diverse user base while testing exclusively “in the lab”?

With so much critical data flowing to and from Drupal-based sites on web and mobile technologies, there is immense pressure to ensure that apps are reliable, scalable, private and secure across a multitude of criteria, including handsets, tablets, OS, browsers, carriers, languages and locations. uTest provides in-the-wild testing services that span the entire software development lifecycle – including functional, security, load, localization and usability testing. Crowdsourced testing with uTest is the most efficient way to achieve in-the-wild testing and help companies (startups, SMBs and enterprises alike) to launch web and mobile apps their users love.

This webinar will reveal the secrets to testing in-the-wild, exploring where the method fits and where it doesn’t, to ensure tech execs are armed to meet the challenges that emerging technologies present to the world of testing.