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State of HTML5 Support in Drupal [June 14, 2012]

Drupal HTML5

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The web is constantly evolving and web development teams face the challenge of keeping up with the latest technologies, applications, and features. Drupal 8 core development efforts will bring the technical advancements of HTML5 to your fingertips. Soon it will be easier than ever to innovate and efficiently maintain your web properties without having to sacrifice a rich experience for your users.

As one of Drupal 8’s top 5 development initiatives, the HTML5 initiative includes updates to templates and theme functions as well as the introduction of new form input elements. Join Acquia for this upcoming webinar where we'll discuss:

* Overview of the Drupal 8 HTML5 initiative
* How HTML5 integration will enhance Drupal
* Details about improvements to date and what's to come

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Thursday, June 14, 2012