Start Here: How to Prepare for Your Drupal 8 Journey [March 19, 2015]

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With each day, the buzz is building around what Drupal 8 can do and how it is going to impact your site and business goals. Members of the Drupal community and beyond see Drupal 8 as a great bridge for Drupal to other technologies that are object-oriented and leverage 3rd party libraries across different platforms.

Drupal 8 presents an opportunity to showcase the skills you have developed and make the work you have done more applicable across different platforms and projects.

But before Drupal 8 mastery can happen, you’ve got to start somewhere. Join us for a webinar to:
• Discover the real-world solutions included in Drupal 8 for each member of your team
• Explore the foundation of Drupal 8’s mobile and responsive design
• Learn how Drupal 8’s architecture makes it the ideal platform for creating and delivering segmented content