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Performance Tips for Site Builders [August 9, 2012]

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Most "performance" presentations are designed for those developers that straddle the line between coder and sysadmin. In reality many Drupal sites are built completely from the administrative interface by non-coders, non-sysadmins - we call "site builders." This unique role is often overlooked during in-depth, technical presentations and relegated to "Module XYZ 101" sessions.

This presentation is designed to give site builders the knowledge and tools to build high-performance web sites without even touching PHP or the command-line. The Drupal community is ripe with ready-built modules and best practices that can significantly improve the performance of any Drupal site. Use the rapid site building modules to get your site up and running, then learn how to cut those page load times!

In this webinar you will learn how to:

• Apply general best practices to your development process.
• Tune the most common slow-performing modules (e.g. Views, Panels).
• Evaluate the performance of modules before installing them.
• Optimize a site's performance using additional modules.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012