An Integrated Drupal/Alfresco Solution

Government sectors are being pressured to become more transparent and communicate government activity to the public. With the leading open source technologies from Drupal and Alfresco, more government agencies are building and managing web and intranet properties under the open government principle.

The power of Drupal and Alfresco has been seamlessly integrated in the osCaddie solution by Appnovation. It delivers a web and intranet platform that can handle both web and document management requirements that have been placed on Federal agencies.

Join us for a complimentary webinar where we'll be showing a live demo of the integrated solution and looking at several common use cases where this integration provides an elegant and simple solution for:

  • A single, integrated interface to edit content and initiate workflows
  • Updating your web or intranet with batch loading HTML files and documents into Alfresco and publishing them in Drupal
  • Tracking and managing content better by uploading documents inside a Drupal intranet and having them be stored inside of Alfresco