How New York's MTA Uses Drupal Caching to Get Riders There on Time [March 6, 2013]

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The New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority recently announced the availability of Real Time Data Feeds for developers. Let Blink Reaction explain how this custom API portal was built on Drupal 7 to provide critical up-to-the-minute travel information for millions of New York's daily commuters and visitors.

This Drupal-based site enables developers to create an account and obtain an
API key for specific feeds created by the MTA. Developers are able to use
the real-time data on their website or mobile application to inform riders
about scheduling and service notices.

In this webinar, you will learn the techniques and best practices used to bring
about Enterprise Drupal success including:

• Caching with Varnish 3
• Edge Side Includes
• Proxies and Mobile Load Testing
• Project Management Tools and Tips