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Going from Zero to Sixty in Drupal with Acquia [August 16, 2012]

Want to learn more about Acquia’s products, services, and happenings in the Drupal Community? Visit our site: http://bit.ly/yLaHO5.

Deploying and maintaining a Drupal website doesn't have to be difficult. Acquia offers a suite of Drupal site management tools that enable organizations to take advantage of the power of Drupal in a manageable, yet scalable way. Join VP of Product Marketing, Bryan House for this one-hour overview of Acquia's offerings for Drupal. Bryan will discuss how Acquia will help you operate Drupal sites more efficiently and exceed your business goals. Attendees will learn:

• How Acquia Cloud provides a Drupal-tuned platform with powerful developer workflow tools
• How Insight helps developers improve performance, security and configuration of Drupal site
• How Acquia Network's add-ons make tuning and managing your Drupal sites easier than ever before
• The role our global team of experienced Drupalists can play in your site’s success

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Thursday, August 16, 2012