Enterprise Drupal Gardens - OpenSaaS Site Factory 

Organizations no longer manage one or two websites. Today, many organizations are looking to quickly deploy and manage new websites by the tens, or even hundreds. Enterprise Drupal Gardens combines the operational efficiencies of SaaS with the flexibility of open source Drupal, giving organizations the freedom to create websites without boundaries.

Enterprise Drupal Gardens enables organizations to build their own website factory, provisioning new content-rich, social websites in minutes. It provides an enterprise management dashboard to centrally manage members and websites, as well as connect to third party systems. Best of all, there is no software to install and update, no servers to manage. In this webinar, you will learn how to take advantage of scalable OpenSaaS platform to:

  • Create complete website templates to roll out sites quickly
  • Rapidly configure components to delivery content-rich web experiences
  • Produce hundreds of visually differentiated websites with WYSIWYG design tools
  • Eliminate risk of lock-in with OpenSaaS

This webinar is well suited for business and technical decision makers who are looking to build a scalable platform to support hundreds of websites.