Eliminate Time Wasted Investigating Code and Configuration with Acquia Insight

Unfortunately, the live event for this webinar has passed.
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Eliminate Time Wasted Investigating Code and Configuration with Acquia Insight

Acquia has hired some of the best Drupal talent around - and Michael Cooper is no exception. After managing a Drupal team at Kaspersky Labs, he came to Acquia to engineer products that made Drupal development easier.

After watching his team spend countless hours digging through code and configuration to find areas for optimization - Michael wanted to build a system that would automate all of that work and let developers do what they do best - build amazing sites. Acquia Insight was the result, and it saves Acquia Network customers over 2,000 hours per week.

With real time analysis of more than 150 configuration, performance and security settings, Insight provides at-a-glance dashboards and self-service tools to help you improve performance, speed deployment and eliminate mistakes. In this webinar, attendees will see Insight in action. You will learn how Insight scores Drupal sites regarding configuration, performance and security, as well as experience Insight's recommendations to address issues and improve your site's score. This session is applicable to Drupal developers, site administrators and site owners looking to identify issues quickly and improve site performance.

Attendees will learn:

  • How Acquia Insight monitors and scores Drupal sites based on configuration, performance and security settings.
  • How to quickly identify Drupal code issues through module code analysis.
  • How to access critical MySQL data to evaluate and improve performance.