Easy Drupal Hosting Lifecycle

Easy Drupal Hosting Lifecycle: Local Dev, Production Deploy, Cloud Scale, and Sleep Well

Drupal site best practice workflow includes initial development on a local workstation, testing in a staging environment, and a production environment ranging from a single server to a high-performance high-availability cluster. After initial deployment, future versions go through the same workflow with the additional need to run tests based on the current production database and filesystem.

In this session, Barry Jaspan, Senior Architect from Acquia will demonstrate how to easily develop, test, and scale your Drupal site through this entire lifecycle without losing your mind. Attendees will learn how to:

  • develop locally and easily deploy the site to a high performance server or cluster
  • scale your production web site up and down to handle varying traffic without downtime
  • keep track of multiple Drupal sites, databases, and files directories, each with a development, testing, and production environment
  • keep your site up 24x7 even when one or more servers fail
  • resolve problems with server operation or Drupal