Drupal for Higher Education: Evaluating the Fit for pointloma.edu [September 2, 2014]

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When a proprietary content management system (CMS) could not meet their digital marketing needs, Point Loma Nazarene University decided it needed a change. The university evaluated solutions and ultimately selected Drupal for their public-facing website.

Our recent video follows the university’s decision to make the move and the experiences they encountered along the way. David Bruno, Associate Director of Digital Marketing & Web, reviews what the school considered when evaluating, selecting, and implementing Drupal. Watch the video for the full story, where you’ll learn about:
• How Drupal fits with the marketing goals of pointloma.edu
• The expectations and realities of their Drupal implementation
• How the university’s marketing and IT can now work together to efficiently manage and update site content
• The opportunities Drupal presents for universities