Build Personalization into Your Culture: Create Engaging Experiences for Every Visitor [February 19, 2014]

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Great digital experiences are smart, integrated, relevant, and, above all else, expected by consumers. But, let's face it: With fewer resources and increasing demand, it can be challenging to align your internal teams toward a common goal and actually have time to execute on your vision.
In this webinar, we'll share how we are actively building a "personalization first" culture at Acquia, and how this approach has increased engagement and improved conversion rates across our website and other digital campaigns.

We'll also share:
• How we partner with companies like Demandbase to deliver personalized digital marketing campaigns
• How we nurture prospects with personalized web experiences on
• What tools help you build a more intelligent customer profile across all channels
• How to organize a cross-functional team to execute on your personalization goals and deliver results.
• Examples of Acquia's own personalization in action