Build an Event Calendar in Drupal

Build an Event Calendar in Drupal - Hands On Training Webinar

You'll learn how to create an "event" content type using a date field, and then create event listings in a variety of different formats. These will include options depending on how frequent your events are, for example, an annual calendar listing all events on one page, or a month by month calendar grid for active schedules. You'll learn how to link these pages in menus, and add a calendar block in a sidebar. You'll also see how to set up special formats for displaying fields in "view modes" depending on where the content is displaying. For example if you're viewing the content on a the full page you may want to show all the fields available in two columns? Viewing in a front page summary block? Just show certain fields.

In this "site recipe" you'll see how to combine core functionality like Content types, Fields, Date formatting and extend it with contributed modules such as Date, Date API, Views, Calendar and Display Suite. We'll take a moment to compare some other options such as the Full Calendar module. You can also find out ways to extend your event calendar with subscription options such as an iCal or RSS feed.

What you will learn how to:

  • Create a content type with a date field
  • Control who can create and edit events
  • Create listings of events in the future
  • Create grid-calendar pages and blocks for your sidebar
  • Customize the display of content fields in different situations
  • Find out more about ways to extend event functionality