Architecture for Highly Unpredictable Traffic

Acquia Managed Cloud: Highly Available Architecture for Highly Unpredictable Traffic

While most companies with business-critical sites can’t afford downtime, accurately predicting traffic every day is impossible. This leaves organizations hosting in the cloud with two options: Overpay for physical servers you might rarely need, or underpay and suffer the consequences of failure. Whether failure comes in the form of brand and reputation damage, or in more hard opportunity cost dollars, the fact remains: failure costs too much.

One-part Drupal-tuned highly available cloud environment, and one-part world-class Drupal 24X7 support, Acquia Managed Cloud was designed for Drupal sites that face unpredictable traffic conditions. In this session, we’ll focus on the multi-tier cloud architecture that includes automatic replication as well as multi-region failover. This session will be applicable for both business and technical professionals who manage business-critical websites.  Attendees will learn:

  • How Acquia’s elastic, highly available architecture is tuned for Drupal sites
  • How we provide high performance replication, including global, multi-region failover for critical sites
  • Acquia’s approach to continued monitoring, tuning, and ad-hoc scaling to ensure your site doesn’t fail

Join Jess Iandiorio, Sr. Director of Cloud Product Marketing, and Kieran Lal, Technical Director to learn how Acquia's Managed Cloud architecture ensures our customer's success.