Apache Solr Search Mastery

This session is for those who are excited by the great power of Apache Solr search for Drupal and want to take things even further. Do you want take complete control over your search interface and offer more than the default features? Have you ever wondered what it takes to add data to your search index? Curious about defining facets, custom sorting, or making cool new widgets for filtering and faceting? Join us for a technical deep dive into the world of Solr search.

The general topics of this presentation will overlap with those covered at Drupalcon SF for the Drupal 6 version, but we will focus on use of the API as found in the Drupal 7 version.
Introducing the Solr index

* Learn about Solr fields, and how to map Drupal data onto them
* See how to add data to the search index
* Execute a search in PHP code and use the results

Using the API for custom search paths and interfaces

* How to use the prepare and alter hooks for the query object, and why they differ.
* Make use facing changes, or add filters that are transparent to the user.

Build custom facets based on node fields

* What comes OOTB
* Hooks to add facets for additional field types